Travel from Shtetll to Sea Port #ukraine

Ada Glustein

My family lived in a small shtetl near Uman, Russia (now Ukraine).  They were a large family and small groups each travelled to a different port of departure on ships that came to Canada, 1910 - 1913.  Does anyone know how much the train tickets would have cost?  Why they would have split up to go to different ports?  (Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp).  I understand that agents came into the area to sell ship passages; did the cost also involve train transport to get to the boats?  How long would such travel have taken?  Would they have travelled in a different way?  Thank you for any info you can share.

Ada Glustein
GLUSTEIN, GLUZSHTEYN, (Kammenaya Krinitsa, Podolia Gubernia; Uman, Kiev Gubernia
PLETSEL, PLETZEL, Ternovka, Podolia

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