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Chaim Luria

There have been many appends recently regarding the genealogy of Issac Luria ("Ari"). My name is Chaim Luria and I have been researching the Luria genealogy for over 20 years. I am also the administrator of the Luria Surname DNA research group on I would like to answer many questions which have been posted recently. The "Ari" is not a descendent of the "Marashal" but is a distant relative. The Ari's only son Moshe died at an early age and is buried near him in Safed. We have no information on any of the Ari's daughters so anyone who contents that he is a descendent of the Ari would have difficulty proving that claim. Because I have Y-DNA samples of confirmed male decedents of the Marashal (they have a proven continuous father to son lineage) we know the Y-DNA fingerprint of the original Luria family (that of the Marashal). If some male thinks that he has a continuous father to son lineage to the Marashal, he can take a Y-DNA test (preferably at least 67 sites) to determine if this connection exists. When a test is done via the, you should request to be part of the Luria surname group and make your results Public so that they can be compared with the known fingerprint of the Marashal.

Contrary to popular belief most Luria's do not have a father to son connection to the Marashal (or other members of his family), so it is a fact that most Lurias are not related , the most common reasons being:
1. A male without a surname when required to adopt one in the early 1800's because of government regulations chose the name Luria.
2. A male without a surname married a Luria daughter and adopted her surname for his family.

In order to clarify the relationship between the "Ari" and the "Marashal" I am attaching an abridged family tree to this post.
I do not do family research for individuals, but would be happy to answer questions directed to my e-mail: cluria48@...

Chaim Luria

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