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Mark Halpern

Dear Ellen:

I am 99% sure that the attached birth record #161 is that of daughter Mallie from the ship manifest. This is the September 2, 1887 birth of Malke to father Feinwel LEITNER and mother Chany WALDHORN. This records also identifies Chany's parents as Judel and Malke WALDHORN from Wolosow, a small town near Nadworna, where this birth registration took place. Nadworna was in the Stanislawow region of Galicia in 1887. 

Feinwel and Chany had two more children who both died in infancy -- Nechume (1889-1890) and Mayer (1893-1894). 

Feinwel and Chany were not married in a civil marriage which would have been registered, but  they must have been married in a religious ceremony. Since Chany immigrated without a husband, you might assume that the husband died, but I find no death record for Feinwel LEITNER. 

Parents Judel and Malke surely could correspond to Julius and Molly. Not sure about Pauline. My father was born in Galicia. He was Judel at birth. His Hebrew name was Yehuda. And he was known in America as Julius or Jules. 

There are other WALDHORN records from Nadworna and Stanislawow. Please look again at JRI-Poland. One of those records is the following:

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Stanisławów Wojewodztwo
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View Nearby Image WALDHORN / KÖNIG  Zipra  1881  99   

25 y.
Wolosów / Nazawizów 

This record connects the WALDHORN and KONIG surnames through Chany's parents Juda and Malke. Zipra was Chany's sister. My take from this record is that Malke's maiden name was KONIG. 

I think you now have more to search for.

Best regards,
Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Stanislawow Area Research Coordinator

On 2021-05-25 2:37 pm, Ellen Gottfried wrote:

Question: What is Annie's maiden name, approximately how old was she,
and how was she related to Aaron?

The Characters:


Available documentation:

1. Certified Copy of Entry of Marriage, from London in 1898:
Annie WALDERIN age 23 father Louis WALDERIN married Solomon Nadler

2. Ship record 1899 Annie is the mother of Mallie, age 9.

3. Ship manifest: Annie was going to her brother Aaron KENIG

4. Only available birth certificate for any of Annie's children,
from Connecticut in 1902: Jacob Nadler, mother Annie WALDHORN age 30

5. 1910 census: Annie age 40 1930 census Annie age 60

6. Death record Connecticut 1945: Anna KENIG Nadler born 1869
father Julius KENIG, mother Pauline

7. Tombstone: Chana bat Yehuda

8. Letters from two of Annie's elderly children listing their
mother's name as Anna WALDHORN KENIG one said born in 1869 and one
said born in 1874

9. Letter from one child lists Annie's mother as Pauline WALDHORN KENIG.

10. A newspaper article, from Poland lists Jacob WALDHORN as Annie and
Aaron's brother.

Annie is not in the 1900 or 1920 censuses. There are no other records
with any information about her.


Available documentation:

1. Son named Julius whose grave lists his name as Yehuda ben Aaron

2. Application for social security lists his father as Abram KENIG

3. Death certificate Connecticut: Father Julius KENIG, mother Molly

JRI Poland and Gesher Galicia do not have records relevant to these
questions. A brief conversation 10 years ago with Aaron's
granddaughter included the information that Annie was her aunt.

Is a likely explanation that Annie and Aaron's parents were not legally married?

Ellen Gottfried, Plainview, New York

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