Re: Travel from Shtetll to Sea Port #ukraine

Marvin Lauwasser

I have a bit of a different story on the multiple port question.
The paternal side of my family lived in a town within the Lublin district and, when my grandfather Louis found out that my uncle Dave (at age 15) was about to be conscripted into the Russian Army, they left for America.
I found their 1st manifest showing they were booked on the SS Kursk to depart 9may1911 from the port of Libau, now Liepaja, Latvia.  But their names were lined out and they did not sail.
The 2nd manifest shows they successfully sailed 6jun1911 on the SS Saxonia from (of all places!!) Trieste, Italy,   Overland..over 1100 miles from Liebau.
The rest of the family (GM, uncles, aunts, cousins) would wait out the time required to get passage money and WW1, arriving 1920-23.
So, why were my GF and uncle denied passage?  Perhaps they got into difficulties trying to leave from a port still part of the Russian Empire.  There are also blanks in the spaces designated for whom they would be joining in the US.  A month later, those spaces have scribbling that suggests an NYC destination.

Marvin Lauwasser
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