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Alexander Sharon

Bonnie Birns wrote:


2 questions I have for the group:

1. Josef and Sam were born in the neighboring town of Ihrowica, not
Podkamen. Since their father Sholom was a vintner, I believe he may have
been farming land outside of Podkamen.

2. Their house number in Ihrowica has the phrase "obszar dworski".
Does anyone have an explanation of what this means? Did they own the
land or just farm it for a landlord?



Polish "Obszar dworski" translates literally as the territory of a manorial

This territory was excluded >from the borders of rural communes in which
the landowner performed administrative and judicial functions.

In 1869 Onufry Turkell was a major landowner in Ihrowica. Data shows
1,225 residents in Ihrowica commune and 84 residents located on the
manorial estate.

According to 1900 census, Ihrowica had 1,954 residents, including 42
Jews, and manorial estate had 99 residents, including 38 Jews.

Post WWI, first independent Poland census in 1921 shows total Ihrowice
population of 2,301 folks, including 46 Jews. The manorial estate
population was not counted separately. The landowner during this period
was Polish aristocrat Jerzy Grocholski who was also listed as owner of
the land in Zarudzie near Tarnopol.

Jewish people residing within the manorial estate were known as
"economs" and were engaged in the estate management.

Sholom, the vintner was most probably engaged in an alcohol distillery
business located within the estate. Alcohol production was the main
industrial activity in this part of the world.

Hope this helps,

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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