Michael Kaufer #galicia

Stuart Kaufer

I am searching for the family of Michael Kaufer. Mr. Kaufer was in
some way related to my Kaufer family relatives. >from his draft card. 66
which I located for WWI he lived on Sawyer Ave. in Chicago with his
wife Sadie Scher Kaufer who he married in Chicago in 1900.

The reasonI am certain that he was a relative was that his employer was
listed as Goldenberg Furniture Co on Halsted St in Chicago. This is also
where my paternal GF Edward Kaufer worked. My GF was very closed
off when discussing his family and I never heard mention of a Michael
which is quite odd since they worked at the same place. I am trying
to determine if MIchael was one of the children of my paternal GGF
Salomon Kaufer and his wife Rebecca Steinlauff or some other relative?
My dad, Ernest also never discussed family and he is also deceased
now so there is really no one to ask.

They had two children listed in 1910 census as
Jeronon born 1901
Lillian born 1903.

I found some information indicating that Jeronon died at the age of 57
in West Palm Beach, Fl. Lillian Kaufer married someone named
Richmond and had a daughter Coleen Richmond Siet.

If anyone can shed light on this I would be grateful. Just trying to
put a full family tree together.

Stuart Kaufer

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