Re: Cowan Report #general

Judith Singer

Both President Roosevelt and Congress, acting separately, had denounced the Kishinev pogrom a few years earlier but did not do anything about it. Their response to the Cowan Report was even more muted. Anything more would have been deemed intervention in the internal affairs of a foreign country, which was considered improper in international diplomacy. Further, the U.S. was in no position to intervene, as it was not yet a major world power and also had some internal affairs of its own that bore condemnation, i.e. the treatment of Blacks, especially in the Southern states.

By the way, Cowan's report referred not only to the pogroms but also described at length the Tsarist government's multitude of laws beginning in 1882 that increasingly condemned most Jews into a life of dire poverty. 

Judith Singer 

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