Re: Researching my Adopted Grandfather #dna

Raina Accardi

There really isn’t anything murky about it. If your brother and your maternal first cousin both took the Y-Dna test at FTdna, they most likely should NOT match. The Y-Dna is only passed down on the fathers line. If they both took the at-Dna (the family finder test) on FTdna, then they should match. If they don’t, someone has an NPE in their lineage. If they tested on two different sites, get them to upload to Gedmatch or MyHeritage so you can compare. 
Raina Accardi 
Saugerties, NY
Poland: GEVIRTZMAN in Kobylin; JESINOWITZ/YESNOWITZ in Mszczonów; FELSENSTEIN in Parysów.
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