Re: Looking for “enfants cachés” (hidden children) in the South of France #france #holocaust


My friend, Ruth Steinfeld, is a survivor and was one of the hidden children in France.  She have me permission to send you this message:

During WWII I was hidden in France in the region of Dept. ISERE. It was the organization OSE (Oeuvre de Secour Aux Enfants) which were able to get us out of Concentration Camp Gurs. My sister Lea Krell and myself Ruth Krell survived and were taken to the USA in 1946. My sister Lea passed away thirteen years ago. I am now 88.
We have had the honor of bestowing RIGHTEOUS AMONG THE NATION to Mr. and Mrs. Chapot who hid us. 
My e-mail address is ruthsteinfeld33@...
I am now on the board of OSE-USA along with my niece Judy Mucasey, my sister's daughter.
Thank you
Ruth Steinfeld

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