Re: Russian Military Records – World War One #russia #belarus


I am surprised that political comments of this sort are allowed at this website where people are researching on information on their relatives. Half of those who we are researching about were from Poland, including present Belarus. They lived there one hundred and more years ago, and searching in historical archives have nothing to do with the country's present politics. The employees of Archive are cooperative and I have not had delays in getting their replies.

Larry, what is the name of the person you are searching about?
This list is a digitalized list of soldiers killed in the World War One, if you suspect that your great uncle was killed during the war:
There are other smaller lists available in Russian. 

Elena Boldyreva,
Toronto, Canada,
Searching for Meyer Rogovin from Volozhin and Meyer Rogovin from Shatzk, Minsk Guberniya

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