Genealogy Hebrew Transliteration Questions #names #records #translation


Some very kind people in the group recently helped me translate my ancestors' names from Hebrew to English. Moving forward when doing research for my family tree, does it make sense to look up each variation of how my ancestors' names are spelled? Any advice would be much appreciated

I have included some specific examples below showing the spelling differences I have seen and photos of the actual headstones for reference.

Thanks for your help!!

Diane Kelly

h(ere) l(ies)
Hannah Rivka daughter of Mr Manny the Levite
died 22 Av 5714


Here lies or here is buried (abbreviation on top)
Hannah Rivka daughter of
Mani Ha'Levi
Passed 22 Av 5714


Kreindel daughter of Elijah Leiser
Died 24 Shevat 5699


Kreindle daughter of Eliyahu Leizer
passed 24 Sh'vat 5689


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