The Tulsa Race Massacre and Oklahoma's Jews #usa

Phil Goldfarb

There has been a lot on the National News this week regarding the Tulsa Race Massacre. President Biden is in Tulsa today for the 100th anniversary of one of the worst racial massacres in United States history. I had written my May 2021 monthly article for the Tulsa Jewish Review on the subject and Zach Rothbart from the the National Library of Israel took it, enhanced it, and published part of it today. Jewish Tulsans helped African American citizens who had developed the "Black Wall Street" in Tulsa as they recalled what happened to them in the "old country." with pogroms. 

The Tulsa Race Massacre and Oklahoma’s Jews:  How local Jews - some with fresh memories of European pogroms - did their small part to help victims of one of the worst acts of racial violence in US history

Phil Goldfarb
President, JGS of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


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