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yvonne baines

Good morning friends,
I am searching for a marriage record in London.  My ggrandfather Joseph Cohen, Hebrew name is 'Yisrael ben Ze'ev' was born in Lomza Poland in 1846.  My ggrandmother Mary Barnett, Hebrew name 'Miriam bat Moshe Mordechai' was born 1841/42 in Kutno, Poland.    The first record I have of them is the 1881 census living in Liverpool.  However there is a 1871 census that has Mary Barnett, listed as wife and married.  Their Oldest 2 children Eliza, born 1867 in London, and Morris born 1869 in Liverpool.  Joseph is not listed on the 1871 census.  I am not positive that this census belongs to them, it is the accuracy of the children and Mary's name that keep's me considering this.  The 1881 census has Eliza born in Liverpool.  The 1911 census has Joseph and Mary married 45 years, which gives the year as 1866, which goes with their first child Eliza being born 1867.  We have looked in Liverpool for a marriage record with no success.  I have looked for birth records for both Eliza & Morris B 1869 (his headstone confirms his birth year)  I have not been successful.
I have been thinking that the distance between Lomza and Kutno is about 300kms.   In 1860 that would have been a long journey.  I think that Israel (Joseph) and Miriam (Mary) met either while emigrating,  or in England?   My brother thinks that they started out in London.  
Would Whitechapel be the place to start looking?
Which Synagogue would they have attended or been married at?
I have been told that the United synagogue marriage authorizations are searchable online, but these are only from 1880 - 1922.
I live in Southern Alberta, Canada.  I do have a cousin who is based in Leeds. she may be able to search for these records, with some direction from such kind friends.  
Thank you for taking the time to read this post.  
with kind regards,
Yvonne Tamtom

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