Szlachta Holdings in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth #poland #lithuania

Simon Zelman


I've gotten fairly lucky on a couple branches of my family in being able to trace them back to the 1784 and 1765 censuses in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.  One of my ancestors ran a tavern/inn outside of Balbieriskis, in a village called Gielce/Gelčiai, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any resources that indicate who the landowning magnates/szlachta were in that area (and others in the GDL). I know that 18th-century records exist for the various szlachta families and their inventories/holdings, including some genealogical information about the people that worked on their properties, but the first step in finding those records is finding out which family I'm looking for! 


Simon Zelman
San Francisco, CA

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