Re: Where to find Illinois Northern District Naturalization Records? #records


Hi David,

The card indicates the naturalization took place in the/a "municipal court" in Milwaukee (presumably Wisconsin) on March 16, 1906.  Looks like it is petition # 9024 in volume 15, page 31 of that court's naturalization records.  

That is not a Federal court, so will not be at the National Archives.  You'll need to track down the records of that court.  The FamilySearch wiki says this:
The Milwaukee circuit and municipal court records of 1836 to 1941 are at: 
Milwaukee County Historical Society
910 North World 3rd Street
Milwaukee, WI 53203-1591
Telephone: 414-273-8288
Fax: 414-273-3268

At least that is a place to start.  Good luck,

Marian Smith

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