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David Levine

On Tue, Jun 1, 2021 at 04:28 PM, Simon Zelman wrote:

One place to start would be leading Polish Univeristy libraries that have large online presences. 

here is Jagiellonian Library, they have many scans online. There are other libraries as well
Try searching szlachta. Once you find examples of what you’re looking for, note now they are called in Polish. Then you can do a wider Google search for those terms. The important part is knowing what the resources are called in Polish.
As an example, I was doing some research a few years ago on estate holdings of Austro-Hungarian empire. I had no idea what these might be called so I started with family names and words for estates in German. Cycles of searches brought me to book indexes and bibliographies which got me to the terms used in German for what I was looking for. From there it was quite easy to find original sources.
google books will have scans, many libraries as well (especially as you’re looking for books that are long out of copyright).
A great resource for books that are indexed online but not available as scans is a great service in Europe:

This service, for a fee, will scan books for you. I’ve used it and it’s a lifesaver.
Attached are scans of examples of books on aristocratic estate holdings in German I researched.
Good luck

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