Re: Szlachta Holdings in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth #poland #lithuania

Alexander Sharon


The Geographic Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland and other Slavic Lands under entry for Balwierzyszki (Lithuanian: Balbieriskis) lists 'your' shtetl as HELCIE, amongst the others dozens of smaller places in this area owned by the count Tadeusz Tyszkiewicz and his daughters.

During XVIII century properties have been owned by counts brothers Ferdynand, Tadeusz and Wincenty Staniowicz. In 1782 Stanislaw count Tyszkiewicz purcheased properties from brothers Staniowicz.

Though the inheritance and the contracts, properties have been inherited by Tadeusz count Tyszkiewicz, former senator of Kingdom of Poland and the general of Polish Army. In the year 1831 properties were confiscated (this took place during Poland 1831 November Uprising) but were returned in 1846 by the decision of the Russian Emperor to Tadeusz count Tyszkiewicz daughters:
Józefa Wodzińska and Maryanna Łampicka.

Alexander Sharon 
Calgary, AB, Canada

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