Ancient Ashkenazic DNA Admixture #dna #israel #announcements

Adam Cherson

Announcing the completion of the Ashkenazic Cultural Genography #1 showing how one modern Ashkenazi male matches up to a large database of ancient DNA samples, one archaeological era at a time. The resulting set of 14 graphic slides depict cultural affiliations stretching from the Mesolithic until the Renaissance.

Note that many of the cultural affinities shown in these slides will be present in any modern Ashkenazic individual (male or female). Each modern individual will also present unique variations on the basic pattern which cannot be standardized or predicted.

The findings are presented here for your viewing and educational pleasure:!AuwT-4qnkJLBjgv-y61wNJCNQQH2?e=jnph42

Adam Cherson
Administrator- FTDNA
Khrszn HaCohen Project
Lost Tribes of Israel Project

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