Re: Skerniewitz-Rawa association #poland #unitedkingdom #general


Hi Jeremy,

My family are from Rawa - my g-grandfather was Chaim Myer Przybysz from Rawa Mazowiecka, who married Freda Weinberg from Skiernewice. His eldest son Idel (born to him and Freda's older sister Gitel - a long story!) moved to London in 1906 and changed his name to Judah Beach (my great uncle). He was a major player in the association and I have found this article from the Jewish Chronicle in 1957 about a dinner which gives some further detail (and a very grainy picture). Maybe this was the occasion when your grandparents received their radio?

I did look into whether the records are kept anywhere but I don't think I found anything. Nevertheless I'll look again when I have a moment - and I'm happy to share any thoughts/resources on researching these two towns.

Best regards,

Richard Beach
Borehamwood, Herts UK

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