Re: Nyir. Csabai #slovakia


Dear Sarah                                       3rd June 2021

Here are  my thoughts about your request Nyir Csabai

I must record::  the name Nyircsaba --One word--Old Hungary --rings the bell

Sadly at present I am unable to 'locate' the accurate geographical location
        Nyircsaba--is a name of a village
      -Nyircsabai--with a letter 'i' at the end 
Simply means  --in Hungarian-- that the Individual was
from  a place -village--called -Nyircsaba--

As already been mentioned :
At present there are many towns; villages' in Hungary with the names beginning 
Nyir:  Like Nyirbator; Nyirmada; etc I can record more

As for the name Csaba--it also has  many towns, villages  containing the word Csaba ;Like Mezocsaba  etc.

There is a village /Town called Csobaj-- with a letter 'J'  at the end--near to Tiszalok

I wonder, if you would like to 'post' the full Hungarian marriage records
It may indicate, contain  further clues?

Csenger --in Hungary--to my knowledge had a large Jewish Community
I wonder, if you can mention the 'name' of the individual you are looking for
It may help?

Best wishes
Veronika Pachtinger
London  UK.


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