Re: Looking for Great Uncle in France #france

Linda Habenstreit

On Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 10:26 AM, Beth Erez wrote:
I have looked at Filae for you and there is an Eduard Illis listed there but the information is only available to paying subscribers.  I have used this database in the past and they allow you to pay for only one month.  That will open this up to you for you to see if it is the Eduard you are looking for.  

Beth Krevitt Erez
Hod Hasharon, Israel

 Search the Fonds de Moscou for your great uncle’s name. The French kept records on foreigners, Jews, anarchists, etc., living/working in their country. The records were digitized by the French National Archives and are searchable.

I found out what happened to my grand-uncle with the help of a French researcher who searched the Fonds de Moscou for me.

If you need help searching the Fonds or other repositories, I can provide you with the name of the researcher I hired.

Linda Habenstreit 

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