Re: Finding Marriage Record from Ukraine and Finding Their Parents Given Names #ukraine #general

Madeleine Isenberg

My thoughts for the given name of Tsal, is that it is a shortened form of the Hebrew name Betzalel.  In records I have looked at in Slovakia and Poland, sometimes it looks like Zalel.  Perhaps this might help.
Madeleine Isenberg
Beverly Hills, CA
Researching: GOLDMAN, STEINER, LANGER, GLÜCKSMAN, STOTTER in various parts of Galicia, Poland
(Nowy Targ, Nowy Sanz, Wachsmund, Dembno, Lapuszna, Krakow, Ochotnica) who migrated into Kezmarok or
nearby towns in northern Slovakia and Czech Republic (i.e., those who lived/had businesses in Moravska Ostrava);
GOLDSTEIN in Sena or Szina, Szkaros and Kosice, Slovakia; Tolcsva and Tokaj, Hungary.
GOLDBERG, TARNOWSKI in Chmielnik and KHANISHKEVITCH in Kielce, Poland

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