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Arlene Beare

Nice to hear from you Joyaa.
We are grateful to Barry for the work he did for LatviaSIG and for sending us the money donated over many years. It will be put to good use.

Latvia and Estonia RD formerly LatviaSIG has been actively indexing and translating documents. We have added  2 new databases  to Jewishgen Latvia Database. We added Passport Issuance Books and Passports handed in to Riga Police 1919-1940. They are indexed by Towns where born or Place of origin. and  as we index a new Town it is added to the database. There are a number waiting in the wings and we hope they will be dded before the Conference in August.
There is a Passport database that has been on the site for many years but that was a 1900 Passport Register database of Jews who were Resident in Riga at that time.
The new passport databases are particularly valuable as the dates of birth go back into the 19thC The earliest I have found so far is 1846, The Places born or originated from likewise are varied and there are from people from Lithuania, Russia or  Poland.

Estonia has been neglected and we hope to add data and information on Estonia .

Christine Usdin translated a large number of Vital records for Riga but sadly died before her task was completed.  All her work is in the Jewishgen Latvia database and I stress that there is no need to search for it anywhere else. 40.000 records  remain to be translated and that is the task  we are busy with. We have already employed 3 translators to help with the Russian translations.

We are busy redesigning the website and hope it will offer a valuable addition to Latvian Researchers .

We are also updating the Introductions to Databases written many years ago as new information has to be added.

Arlene Beare
Co-~Director Latvian and Estonia Research Division

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