Kovno 7th Fort massacre and murder of R. Elchonon Wasserman, 80th Anniversary June 21-22 #lithuania #holocaust #announcements


June 21-22 is going to be the 80th Yahrzeit of the big massacre at Kovno's 7th Fort massacre (3-6,000 Jews murdered there altogether) on the night of July 6-7 1941 (11-12 Tammuz 5741). This was actually the starting point of the Holocaust. Lithuania is presently allowing in Israelis with "green passports" dated in the last 180 days, I am planning please G-d to lead a group to commemorate the massacres, and to bring attention to the fact that my namesake Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman hy"d and thousands of others killed, have no grave, the area is not marked or cordoned off, there are no signs, and the whole site is completely not respectful for the thousands of Jewish souls resting there. I expect we will visit many other holy sites, including the gravesite of the Vilna Gaon and the giant Shnipishok cemetery in Vilna that the authorities plan to turn into a Convention Center. I am looking for more information on those murdered there, especially the Rabbis, as well as any other help with these ongoing sad chapters. For further information on the trip, one may email me or call and leave a message 02-571-1771. Rabbi Elchonon Baron.

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