Tiraspol cemeteries #bessarabia #ukraine

Inna Vayner

I'd like to share good news about digitizing Tiraspol cemeteries project. Let me start off with sharing exciting news about the ongoing effort of cleaning up the old Jewish cemetery. This great project was organized and is being managed by Yura Kreichman. As a part of this effort, we'll have an opportunity to photograph the gravestones that were missed previously because of the condition the cemetery was in.
In addition, we'll continue working on photographing tombstones on the Dalnee Cemetery and hopefully, if we are able to collect enough funds, we'll kick off the project of photographing the tombstones on the Zapadnoe Cemetery.
If you are able and willing to support this project, please donate to Bessarabia Moldova Cemetery Project. Here is the link to donate https://www.jewishgen.org/jewishgen-erosity/v_projectslist.asp?project_cat=43&fbclid=IwAR1II5GM-lReRvKHdAS1KslmLWfbUHUC1usgTNJCI_UqQP7YfpwiwwYjmj4.

Inna Vayner,
Bessarabia Research division.

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