Yad Vashem is the address. #holocaust


Yad Vashem! Yad Vashem! Yad Vashem!. You can find the department that is pertinent to your request on their web site. I as a volunteer for several years went to a workshop there on how to ask people for exactly the items you describe in your letter. They would like as well personal articles of those who survived but your father’s connection to them makes it personal.

Harriet Kasow


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I have in my possession a small number of Nazi artifacts and literature brought home by my father after WWII, after he served in the military government in occupied Germany (he was in charge of de-Nazification of all schools, hospitals, churches, and voluntary organizations in Bavaria).  

He died several years ago and I'm trying to dispose of some of his possessions including these.  I don't want to keep them, but I don't want them to fall into the wrong hands, so selling them or donating them to a charity thrift store like Goodwill is out of the question for me.

But so far I have not been successful in finding a museum or archives that will accept them.  

Can anyone suggest an appropriate institution that would take them, or perhaps ideas of how I might dispose of them responsibly.

Erika Gottfried
Teaneck, New Jersey


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