Re: Ancient Ashkenazic DNA Admixture #announcements #israel #dna

Adam Cherson

Yes it is, and this is only the first such study. There could be much more 'new' history to be learned from this type of work. For example I just looked at a brand new paper reporting several ancient Helladic, Cylcladic, and Minoan (bronze age) samples (, and after running some tests found significant matching between one (I only ran one sample) of the modern Ashkenazi samples and the Helladic ones from Logkos Elati dating from the Mid-Late Bronze Age (which is the period you are referring to in your observation). What these results are showing is that the entire Eastern Mediterranean during the Mid-Late Bronze age was genetically mixed, and that the people who were building these various cultures shared substantial amounts of common ancestry from earlier periods.

-- Adam Cherson

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