Re: The Tulsa Race Massacre and Oklahoma's Jews #usa


My grandparents got married in New York in 1920 and my grandfather sold his shares in the family Hay and Feed business for $1,100.00. They were enticed to go to Tulsa, OK by my ancestor Ben Horwitz and off they went. My grandmother was pregnant with my father who was born in Tulsa in July, 1921. They didn’t last long in Tulsa and returned to New York. When asked why they left Tulsa they would refer to the Klan and the general anti-semitism. The Tulsa weather was the final straw!

Jill Meyer

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MEYER – PERLMAN, GOLDSTEIN, KATZ, LEVINE (Russia, Manchester England, Brooklyn, Oklahoma)

HURWITZ – KAPLAN, LEIBOWITZ, KAHN (Belarus, California, Oklahoma, New York City) 

COHEN - STERN, LEVY, FRIEDMAN (England, Germany, Philadelphia, New York City)

ROTHSCHILD – STRAUSS, LITCHFIELD, PARADIES (Germany, England, Philadelphia, New York City)


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