Re: Visits to concentration camps #holocaust

Eva Lawrence

There was a report with haunting pictures from concentration camps on
the front page of the Observer very soon after they were uncovered, it
must have been 1945. As 12-year-old, living in England, I refused to
believe them, but i still remember them clearly. Nobody mentioned the
family members who had been left behind, and the adults' wry relief
when news of those who had survived came through (ach, den gibts' auch
noch!) was a catchphrase for the younger generation. I can only be
grateful for the real effort our parents made to shelter us children
from the horror.
I might feel differently if someone very close to me died in a KZ As it
is, I've not tried to visit Auschwitz nor do I feel that doing so would
make me a better or a wiser person, let alone a happier one.
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

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