Can two brothers--alive at the same time--be named Abram and Abraham? #names


I am researching two men, whose descendants all claim were brothers.  Only problem is they have the names Abraham and Abram. 

One of the brother's names was Abraham, born est 1858.  Abraham's wife, Leba, appears as a widow on the 1911 England census.  We don't know when or if he died in England or Poland, or along the way to England.  We don't know when Leba and her young adult/teen children arrived in England.  Abraham's children were born in the late 1888 through 1894 in Poland, so he was alive at least until their births.

Another of the brother's names is reported as "Abram Moishe," born 1875.  Abram Moishe's English registration records show that name, but he was called/known by the Anglicized name, "Morris."  The earliest record of Abram (his England registration document) is dated 1912, with the name "Abram Moishe."

Is it possible for two brothers who lived at the same time to have been named "Abraham" and "Abram"?  Could Abram have added or chosen the name "Abram" after his older brother, Abraham, died? 

Might Abram Moishe have added the name Abram as a guise in order to be able to travel to England (in his deceased brother's stead, possibly posing as the older brother, and/or to accompany and/or travel to Leba, his 'wife')?

Thank you in advance for any help or insights.

Carolynn Duffy

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