Ships & Passenger Lists Lisbon to Havana early 1940s Mermelstein- Torten #general

Helen Kon

I am seeking the ship names & passenger lists that successfully ferried Jewish refugees from Lisbon to Havana. As part of their escape from Vienna to ultimately NY, my mom (a young child) & her parents sailed from Lisbon to Havana in the timeframe of late 1940 - 1943, I think. I am trying to find out the name of the ship that took them. I have tried the Steven Morse site & the JDC
without success. My maternal grandparents were Saul & Eva Mermelstein Torten. They were in Cuba for 2 years before their turn came on the quota to enter the US.
I would appreciate direction to finding the names of the ships & passengers from Lisbon to Havana in that timeframe. 
Thank you.
Helen Kon
New York City, NY

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