Re: Can two brothers--alive at the same time--be named Abram and Abraham? #names



It seems extremely unlikely, to not say impossible. Abram and Abraham are a same first name, and therefore it is not given to two different siblings. 

1. It can be the same person, named Abraham, Abram or Abram Moishe. I have an ancestor being named Tsvi, or Hirsch, or Tsvi Hirsch in different places. 
2. But due to one being born 1875, the other 1857, I would say cousins rather than brothers. It's an option to be considered. 
3. Or one could have been adopted?
4. I have in my tree two brothers that switched identities, in order for the youngest to travel to the US under the oldest name. 

If it is a fact that they were two individuals, there is without a doubt a story to be told - but not the one of a common first name for two brothers given by their parents.


Adrien Aszerman

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