Re: Can two brothers--alive at the same time--be named Abram and Abraham? #names

Dubin, David M. MD

In my tree I have  a Yitzchok and and Ayzik who were brothers, both alive at the same time. Both correspond strongly with Isaac. 

I was given my a Jewish name, Meir David, while my grandfather Yitzchok David was alive.

In the Bible Abram was renamed Abraham. In some way they could be considered two separate names  

it’s pretty clear two brothers would not have the exact same Jewish/Hebrew name. (George Foreman notwithstanding)

some possibilities include:
1- despite having the same moniker they had different Jewish names. 
2- different second names may have sufficed to consider the names “different”. Abram Moses may have been considered different enough  
3- Abram/Abraham  may have been the second Jewish name of one brother  
4- Sephardic Jews do not have the taboo. 

Finding the birth records would help greatly. 

good luck 

David Dubin
teaneck, nj 

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