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Susan H. Sachs

In addition to Yad Vashem's Pages of Testimony, there are Video Testimonies which you can search by Place or Topic

Video Testimonies Resource Center

Places - Select - Amsterdam, Holland Antwerp, Belgium Bardejov, Czechoslovakia Benghazi, Libya Beodra, Yugoslavia Berezhany, Poland Berlin, Germany Biala Rawska, Poland Bielsko-Biala, Poland Botosani, Romania Budapest, Hungary Buehl, Germany Campulung la Tissa, Romania Debrecen, Hungary Djerba, Tunisia Dugalishok, Belarussia Fulda, Germany Grenoble, France Grodno, Poland Hanau, Germany Heiloo, Holland Ilok, Yugoslavia Kalish, Poland Kavnik, Romania Kec, Hungary Kharkov, Ukraine Kishinev, Romania Kisvarda, Hungary Kovno, Lithuania Krakow, Poland Krasne, Belarus Liepaja, Latvia Lodz, Poland Lvov, Poland Malcz, Pruzhany Mir, Poland Monastir, Yugoslavia Munkács, Czechoslovakia Nagyszollos, Hungary Okany, Hungary Oslo, Norway Otwock, Poland Pestszenterzsebet, Hungary Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland Plonsk, Poland Plovdiv, Bulgaria Prague, Czechoslovakia Radom, Poland Rokiskis, Lithuania Rotterdam, Holland Salonika, Greece Satu-Mare, Romania Schermbeck, Germany Sighet, Romania Simleul Silvaniei (Szilagysomlyo), Hungary Sosnowiec, Poland Stanislawow, Poland Suchedniow, Poland Swenciany, Poland Tarnow, Poland Trnava, Czechoslovakia Trzebinia, Poland Uzhorod, Czechoslovakia Vascauti, Romania Vienna, Austria Vilna, Lithuania Warsaw, Poland Wolbrom, Poland Würzburg, Germany Zablocie, Poland Zagreb, Yugoslavia Zarojani, Romania Zhabokrich, Ukraine
Topics - Select - 01. The Jewish World Before World War II 02. Nazi Germany and the Jews - 1933-1939 03. The Outbreak of World War II and Anti-Jewish Violence 04. The Ghettos 05. The Final Solution 06. Transports and Extermination in the Death Camps 07. The World of the Camps 08. Combat and Rescue 09. An Ending and a Beginning 10. Return to Life

Throughout our website the voices of the survivors infuse our online exhibitions, historical narratives, teaching units and ceremonies with content and with meaning. We have gathered many of those testimonies in this section where they can be easily accessed by either topic or location, according to the birthplaces of the survivors. This section will continue to grow as more and more testimonies are added to the website.

"For whoever listens to a witness becomes a witness"

Excerpt from a speech given by Elie Wiesel at Yad Vashem

Susan Sachs
Beit Shemesh, Israel


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