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Renee Steinig

My first cousin Otto Joseph -- later Asher Joseph* -- was a Dunera internee. Born in Gelnhausen, Germany, in 1922, he went to England in 1939. He was subsequently detained as an "enemy alien" and sent to Australia on the infamous HMT Dunera. On his release, in July 1942, he went to what was then Palestine, where he lived until his death in 1986. 

* Not to be confused with Joseph Asher, who was also an internee.

In 2010, I received two of Otto's records from Carol Bunyan, a volunteer researcher at the Dunera Museum in Hay, Australia ( a "Service & Casualty" record and a "Report on Internee." Carol's source for both records: the National Archives of Australia. They were informative but also infuriating -- especially considering that while the English detained Asher, the Germans murdered his mother, my father's sister Bertha.

I also received from the New South Wales State Library a transcript of Asher's 1977 Jerusalem Radio interview about his experiences. This transcript was in the library's Henry Lippmann Dunera Archive (

Asher and other Dunera internees were quoted in the attached newspaper article. lists a number of books about the Dunera.

BTW, Asher was our family's first genealogist and the person who inspired my interest in family research. His family tree, which traces our Stern and Isenburger family, plus his Joseph and Bodenheimer branches and his wife's Davids, Loebs, and Mayers, can be viewed here: .


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Paul Ehrmann <ehrmann.paul@...> wrote:

Looking to fill in information on the following on my late father ..either background or family
members that were there
Kurt Ehrmann dob 7.11.1922
Boarded in Berlin kindertransport dec 38-age 16
Arrived at harwich and sent to dovercourt dec 39
huyton internment camp England spring 40 (collar the lot enemy aliens-not really)
hmt dunera hellship
Hay-Tartua internment camp
Unit 8-Australian army (Dunera boys)
Believe fought in New Guinea (wounded)-most did not that were in this Unit
Discharged spring 45-Lived on Church street in Richmond, 5 hours south of Hay for 10 mo before.....
Leaving-Matson steamer Spring 1946 to San Francisco

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