Re: Visits to concentration camps #holocaust

tzipporah batami

There are some concentration camp related sites that are still almost never visited even by birthright march of living despite my attempts to relay importance. Only remains of 14000 Jews were actually at Maidanek death camp. The remaining over 200000 are interred together with Polish resistors and earlier Jew killing in Lublin, at Krepiac Forest which is a mass grave of 300000 with a Polish military cross that includes the Polish word for Jews so nothing else has been done by Jewish organizations due to sensibilities of Poles. There is no Jewish star and no groups of Jews to visit and say Kaddish and to leave pebbles and to take photos of these pebbles to give comfort to still living survivor descendants of these martyrs. This site also has actual complete bodies so it is considered "kever avos". It is a site where honor can be provided to the dead and I encourage people who are going to make the detour there. Please message me if you need more details. There are many others like this often unmarked. There are many sites of mass liquidation of ghettos that became mass death like the site in Ordinary Men: Battalion 101 about Konskowola Ghetto. As far as early associations of the camps and lack of visits I too grew up with the silence because of the urgent need to move on to perpetuate the Jewish nation and not look back. I grew up with the sick laughter at people asking if I was in a camp for the summer. Or whether my parents had gone to camps when they were young. Somehow I loved Amtrak and trains though and never quite absorbed the fear of them leading to death camps perhaps because my father zl ended up working for the mta in realty division and took them everyday. I wonder now how he stood it. Thanks for a good thread to air our feelings and info. Feigie Teichman

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