Re: Can two brothers--alive at the same time--be named Abram and Abraham? #names


@Israel P
Your examples reflect what I think may have happened--travel under another's papers.  Makes me wonder/worry what happened to "Abraham" and where (back in Poland?) because the family's relocation to England happened in response to pogroms.

I knew they were same name and highly unlikely for brothers alive at same time, which is why I posed this dilemma here.

Yes, thought of cousins, but the survivors who knew relevant folks say they weren't cousins, but their childen were.

Definitely two people, and I agree, some story to be told, if only . . .

Thank you for your ideas.  Yes, gravestone has "Abram Moishe" (because only placed recently, by descendants who've heard same details).

Thank you all for your thghtful feedback.
Carolynn Duffy

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