Re: Index of Holocaust testimonies #holocaust

tzipporah batami

Having an index like this at JewishGen is a great idea. Let me add one major source of testimony that has been left out here: book testimony. Many survivors have decided to put their first person accounts into books. A source would be the Azrieli Foundation for Canadian survivor books, the Israel National Library for Israeli survivor books, Scholastic for some American survivors targeted to young audiences for a start. Also there are brand new testimonies I dont recall exact names of begun in pandemic for fear of death from covid. One of these was done in London a few months ago and one was done in Boro Park and is geared to having survivors lead the interviews more and is much gentler. I would also suggest using the freedom of information act to obtain cia interview records of survivors in DP camps for their testimony. Thank you. Feigie Teichman

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