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Dror Bereznitsky


As part of researching my father's side of the family - Bereznitsky - I learned about Chaim Zelig Kantorowich my 3rd-great grandparent who lived in Grodno province during the 19th century (Seltz, Bereza).
I barely had any information about him until I made aware of a book he wrote. In this book I found out the names of his children, including Luba Bereznitsky my great-great-grandmother from Ruzhany.
Besides Lube I had no information about any other descendants until I got information about a possible descendant called Chaim Zelig Shkolnik, son of Mordechai and Miriam, born 1899 in Ruzhany and emigrated to Israel around 1923.
I have been trying to find the connection, assuming that Miriam was Chaim Zelig Kantorowich daughter (he mentioned a daughter named Mirel in his book).

Recently I found two birth certificates of Lejb (1901) and Chaim Shkolnik (1899) who were born in Pavlovo Ruzhany (Jewish agricultural colony, 2 miles SE of Ruzhany) to Shmuel son of Froim Shkolnik, wife Mirlya, daughter of Chaim Kantorovich.
It could be a match, only the father name does not fit what I know. Looking for more information I found out about Froim Shkolnik who is one of the 11 settlers who emigrated from Pavolovo to Israel to found Ekron (Mazkeret Batya).

Froim did have a son named Shmuel but his wife name was Sura and he had no son named Chaim.
Now, I might be trying to force things to connect but what are the odds that in a small village like Pavolovo there are 2 Froim Shkolniks that have a son name Shmuel?

Any help you can offer with solving this question will be blessed.

Dror Bereznitsky

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