Re: Can two brothers--alive at the same time--be named Abram and Abraham? #names

R Jaffer

In the 1910 US census and in the birth records for his first four children, my grandfather, whose Yiddish name was Boruch, was recorded as Benjamin. The only problem was that he had an older brother living in the same small city whose given name at birth was Benjamin. Two Benjamin Weinberg brothers lived less than a mile from each other. At some point he was probably told to pick a new name or had learned enough English to do so, and started calling himself Barnet which also began with the letter "B". I couldn't find him in the 1910 census until I searched for his wife. When I found the birth records for my mother's siblings, I realized he had been a Yiddish-speaking man struggling to find an English name for himself when he fist immigrated.

Roberta Jaffer

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