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Stanley Diamond

Dear friends: 

In a recent announcement, our Gesher Galicia colleagues announced the availability of newly 
found index books for a massive number of towns in both current day Poland and Ukraine.
JRI-Poland is pleased to advise Galician researchers that we have extracts (not just indices) 
of records - not yet online - for the following towns located in Poland. 

   Biała Podlaska, Biecz, Bobowa, Bochnia, Jarosław, Klasno, Kopyczyńce, Korczyna, 
   Kraków, Leżajsk, Lublin, Muszyna, Nowy Sącz, Nowy Wiśnicz, Podgórze, Pruchnik,
   Rzeszów, Sieniawa, Sokołów Małopolski, Stary Sącz, Tyczyn, Żołynia. 
JRI-Poland also has extended indices for the following Galician towns now in Ukraine with data 
not yet online:

   Czortkow, Drohobycz, Gliniany, Grodek Jagiellonski, Halicz, Jagielnica, Jaryczow Nowy,
   Kamionka Strumilowa, Kolomyja, Lwow, Mikulince, Mosty Wielkie, Nadworna, Przemyslany, 
   Rawa Ruska, Sambor, Sokolowka, Solotwina, Stanislawow, Stary Sambor, Strusow, Stryj, 
   Tarnopol, Tartakow, Trembowla, Uhnow, Zablotow, Zloczow.
We are also delighted to mention that records for most of these towns include marriages 
and deaths as late as 1940 - years no longer covered by Polish laws protecting personal data,
For information on records of interest for your town, please write to [townname]@jri-poland.org
We expect there will be a flood of interest in this news so we ask researchers to be patient as
they await a reply to their queries.
Stanley Diamond
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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