Searching for Yakov Kotlan from Ozorków, Poland - translation required #poland #yizkorbooks #translation


Hi everyone,
I have quite a big ask for a translation.  I am a volunteer researcher in the UK for the Jewish History Association of South Wales.  We are writing the life story of 102 people on a memorial board in a South Wales Synagogue who died in the Holocaust.  We have completed 101, but the last name is giving us trouble.
I have found his family in Ozorków, Poland.  His name is Yakov (Jacob) Kotlan.  His wife is Esthera (Esther) Kotlan, and they had 3 sons - Alter, Leib and Nusen.  These boys in turn had children and wives, some I have found recorded in the Lodz Ghetto. 
But we want to know what became of Yakov and his wife and sons.  He was born on 12th January 1853, so it is possible he died before the war.

I have been sent the Yizkor book for Ozorków, and I cannot read it or find a reliable Google translation.

Would any members here be willing to help to see if they can find a reference to any Kotlans in the following book? Thank you all so much.

Laura Harrison
South Wales

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