Re: Finding descendants of relatives who died in the Holocaust #holocaust


I found descendants of a Holocaust survivor from my husband’s family after discovering Pages of Testimony. The survivor filled out the pages in 1957 and gave a Tel Aviv address. I knew my Hebrew probably wasn’t good enough for a search so I asked for assistance on the Facebook group Jewish Genealogy Portal. I also had the US Holocaust Museum do a search and used the Arolsen Archives and the JDC website to find anything after 1957. I had no idea if there were descendants or if I would just find a headstone. The Arolsen site provided me with his wartime internments. The Holocaust Museum also added to his wartime experience but didn’t get me past 1957. Some angels on the Facebook group were able to find the descendants! It turned out the survivor had remarried and moved to the US in 1958. We’re now in contact with the survivors. With a last address in 2014 you may not have to go through that many steps. The genealogy community is very generous and I suggest you turn to them.  Good luck to you!

Sharon Fleitman
Atlanta,  Georgia

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