Re: Trying to find the connection and solve a mystery #belarus

Diane Jacobs

I certainly agree with Sherri. I just found 2 brothers in Lithuania who have 4 children with the same first names.  And in my own family 2 brothers named their sons after my grandfather David. If I had been a male I also would have been David instead of Diane named by my father the third brother.

Diane Jacobs

On Jun 9, 2021, at 3:27 PM, Sherri Bobish <sherribob@...> wrote:


I don't have a specific answer, but I will say that the odds of two people, even in a small shtetl, having the same name, and living there at the same time, is absolutely possible.

For instance, they could be sons of two brothers, and each brother named their child after the same ancestor.  Hence, two cousins share the same name.

Just a thought,

Sherri Bobish

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

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