Re: Finding descendants of relatives who died in the Holocaust #holocaust

David Lewin

At 17:42 08/06/2021, Avi Lichtenstein via wrote:
Recently, I found on the Yad Vashem testimonial site the names of
relatives who died in the Holocaust (Shapiro family from
Starokonstantinov, Ukraine). The submitter's relationship to the
individuals indicated that he too is a relative. I contacted Yad
Vashem who told me that they had no more information on the
submitter other than his address (in Israel) in 2014. Yad Vashem
suggested I use JewishGen, Magen David Adom's tracing service, or
the State of Israel's Ministry of the Interior. Because I do not
live in Israel, I am not sure if I am able to use the Israel-based
agencies. Has anyone had similar experiences?

Kindest regards,

Avi Lichtenstein

Avi - do the search in Hebrew rather than English

If you cannot, I can help
David Lewin

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