"Tribunal" in 1874 marriage record from Kalisz gub. #poland

Wayne Frankel

Dear JG’rs,
A volunteer recently and very kindly provided me with a read of a mid-January 1874 Cyrillic marriage record from the Kalisz gubernia of Russia/Poland.
Bride’s name was Roza FROM.
One line on the record reads as:
"Tribunal Dec 22, 1873 #4678 with Mosiek FROM, town of Dzorzbin, gm. Zbierek, Stawiszyn district”
I would like to know what this Dec 22 “tribunal” refers to; I thought it might be a bann, but I am told that the bann is already in another part of the document.
I am trying to connect two FROM clans - someone by his name from the same region is the patriarch of another the other clan. If a relationship can be inferred between the bride and this Mosiek FROM based on what this ’tribunal’ is about, that would be most helpful.  I do know that it is not the bride's father. 
Thanks for your help!

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