Re: Searching for Yakov Kotlan from Ozorków, Poland - translation required #poland #yizkorbooks #translation


The Ozorków Book of Residents, which is at the Łódź Archive, identifies, by family, the persons who lived in Ozorków from 1901 through 1931.  Among many other things, it includes death dates through at least 1925.  

You can email the Łódź Archive (kancelaria@...) and ask it for pages from the Book of Residents for the Kotlan family.  You can identify the Book of Residents as Księga ludności stałej miasta Ozorkówa (39/2379/0).  If the Archive finds the family in the Book of Residents, it will email you instructions for about making a small payment to get a copy of the record.

Jeff Wexler
Los Angeles

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