Family Search Now Filming Ukraine Records #ukraine #JewishGenUpdates

Chuck Weinstein

Alex Krakovsky has now reported that Family Search is now actively filming records in several archives throughout Ukraine, including archives he is not able to get to.   These records will eventually be added to their online catalog.  While this is great news it highlights the fact that we already have a large number of records that Alex has filmed and provided to us that need to be transcribed into Excel spreadsheets for inclusion in the JewishGen Ukraine database. These records are only of use to most researchers if they have been transcribed in English and added to the searchable database. If you can help translate these handwritten Cyrillic records or are interested in setting up a fund-raising project to hire translators for a town of interest, contact the Ukraine Research Division's Director of Data Acquisition Gary Pokrassa, at gpokrassa@....  He has a long list of places for which we have records now that are in need of transcription.  Donations for translation projects through JewishGen are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

Chuck Weinstein
Towns Director, JewishGen Ukraine Research Division

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