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Yehoshua Sivan

This doesn't exactly answer your question, but every Jew should familiarize himself with this great man, who was born in the Ukraine and did fantastic work in India

On a totally different plane, there were many Ashkenazi Jewish prostitutes in Bombay (Mumbai). This was first brought to my attention many years ago by an Israeli shaliah to the Bombay Jewish community, who told me that there was a specific area in one of the Jewish cemeteries with graves of Ashkenazi Jewish women who were buried separately from everyone else.  In articles on the subject (, names are given, such as these:
Route to India 3.jpg

;In answer to your question:
Not only did their involvement in the sex trade place them outside the limits of respectability, their continental and mostly Eastern European origins rendered them foreigners. Many of them were Jewish—Jewish cemeteries appeared in this area in maps from the 1870s: one on Grant Road just south of the numbered streets of Kamathipura, and another at the intersection of Bellasis Road and Duncan Road, an outer corner of the Kamathipura.
Yehoshua Sivan

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