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Mark Halpern

Hi Susan:

I cannot answer your question about the given name Nuko, but I can respond to your query on the Siemiatycze Candle tax. However, a search of the JRI-Poland database for Nuko results in only two matching index entry - the one you found and one other.

JRI-Poland knows the the Jewish vital records for Siemiatycze have not survived. We found out that the only record set for Siemiatycze at the Archive in Bialystok was this 1861 Candle Tax list. It does appear that the town administration or the town Kahal (Jewish community) institujted this tax on individual Jewish heads of households. This list was transcribed for JRI-Poland and includes 501 names of heads of household with their father's name and their profession.

Your result was a search of the JRI-Poland database for the surname KADYSZEWICZ or some phonetic or soundex variance of that same surname.  Please note that a search for town = Siemiatycze will not return the list of 501 heads of household. This list can only be searched by surname, given name, or other search parameters. 

Best wishes on your search.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Bialystok Area Coordinator


On 2021-06-14 12:34 pm, S Pasquariella wrote:

I found a listing in JRI-Poland for a possible relative in Siemiatycze.  His name was Nuko Kadyszewicz and he was the only listing under the category of Candle Tax 1861.  My questions:  Is Nuko a Hebrew name and what is it’s meaning. Also, my understanding is that the Candle Tax was imposed on the entire Jewish Community so why was there only one listing in that category?
Thank you,
Susan Kingsley Pasquariella
Researching: Kadyszewicz

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